A van and a wagon and Hiace

I changed the design of the center cluster panel on the interior decoration side, and all cars were shipped with the multi-information display which displayed various information such as the mean mileage or fresh air temperature. In addition, "DX" GL package supermarket GL of the van," the ride comfort is improvement by controlling the body from right and left by producing a small whirlpool, and a current of air to flow through the body side to "the GL ground cabin" of the wagon being accompanied, and adopting an aerostudio birising fin (sideview mirror combination lamps) realizing superior run stability, and having changed tuning of the suspension such as shock absorbers to 2WD car of van "supermarket GL". Furthermore, I employed a back door easy closer in wagon "GL ground cabin", and, van "supermarket GL," wagon "GL ground cabin" added smart entry & start system and the option setting of the steering switch (audio system) to commuter "GL" at a dual power slide door (belonging to a prevention of insertion function) van "supermarket GL" in van "supermarket GL".

About the Japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.